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With us, the bureaucracy involving the human resources department is eliminated, and this will make it easier for you to transform STRATEGY into RESULTS!

Chose from our service packages and together we will customize them to the needs of your organization!

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Advantages of the services provided by Morgan SOL

We guarantee compliance with the law – due to the frequent legislative changes, there is a possibility that your employee could wrongfully apply the regulatory documents in the field. Our specialists are dedicated to interpreting the laws, and any confusions that may arise in the salary calculation will be managed by Morgan SOL.
The price remains the same – the agreement is negotiated for 1 year. Throughout this period our rate per employee does not change; however, it is possible for your in-house employee responsible for such activities to ask you salary increases or other benefits.
Excellent value for money – we offer you a lower cost than your internal cost! This is possible due to the fact that we use high-performance software applications, we have a complex team of specialists and use well-developed work procedures.
No hidden costs – the employee's related salary costs are supplemented by sundry benefits (mobile phone, meal tickets etc.), directs costs (PC, IT support, salary calculation application, office, telephone etc.) and indirect costs (energy, maintenance etc.). our monthly invoice is fully deductible and bears no hidden costs.
Accent on Human Resources – by outsourcing the routine administrative activities that do not bring value to the organization, but must be carried out for compliance with the law (employment record books, addenda, employment agreements, salary calculation, meal tickets etc.) you allow your Human Resources Department employees and branch managers to deal with the development of the human resources, training or performance assessments.
Simple and fast - all the processes will be carried out in accordance with a monthly plan, so that you will be constantly informed of all the activities performed. There will be no gaps in the circulation and registration of the documents and Morgan SOL shall be liable for the relation with the authorities in the field (submission of declarations, reporting employment agreements and the changes thereof etc.).