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We believe that compliance with ethical principles is extremely important for both us and our partners – candidates and clients. The ethical behaviour adopted since the company was set-up is related not only to the harmonization with a series of legal requirements, but it also extends over and incorporates the principles of honesty, fairness, integrity and social responsibility.

The ethical principles that guide us are as follows:

  • The information received from company’s partners (clients and candidates) will be treated as confidential. It cannot be used without the consent and in the detriment thereof
  • The services provided by our company are tailored to each partner apart and follow after certain procedures for the detailed analysis on the needs thereof
  • The company guarantees the fair treatment of all partners, regardless of their nationality, race, social status, age, gender and sexual orientation
  • The information provided by us must represent reality in a correct and undistorted manner
  • The company is compliant with the legal provisions in force
  • The company acts in the interest of its partners by achieving the projects at rigorous professional standards.

These ethical principles guarantee us and our partners the success in business. They are principles which ensure the professionalism we use to approach each partner and its/his/her needs.

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