Romanian Classification of Occupations - COR

National Institute of Statistics - INS

Romanian Classification of Occupations - occupation level (six characters) - COR as at 11.07.2011

In force as of 08 August 2011

Consolidation dated 31 August 2017 is grounded on the publication in the Official Gazette, Part I No. 561 of 08 August 2011

It includes the amendments brought by the following documents: Order 177/2012; L 125/2012; Order 150/2013; Order 2176/2013; Order 190/2014; Order 433/2014; Order 1419/2014; Order 123/2015; Order 2196/2015; Order 936/2016; Order 198/2017.

The last amendment was made in 04 April 2017.

*) According to Art. II, para. (2) of Law No. 125/2012, Romanian Classification of Occupations - occupation level (six characters), approved by the Order No. 1.832/856/2011 of the Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection and of the Chairman of the National Institute of Statistics, published n the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, No. 561 of 8 August 2011, as further amended and supplemented, shall be adequately supplemented with the following occupations: road safety auditor, road safety impact assessment auditor and road safety inspector.