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Own department vs. payroll outsourcing

Comparative analysis of costs in respect of the two options available for the performance of salary calculation, for a company with 100 employees. The first option involves the existence of company’s own payroll department, and the second the outsourcing of these payroll services to a specialized firm.

A. Payroll Department = in-house Human Resources Department:

Costs estimate: EUR / month 1000.

costs related to the remuneration of specialised staff – average per month: 1 person x EUR 950 = EURO 950 (include net salary of EUR / month 450, fees / employer and employee contributions EUR / month 383, indirect costs – work phone EUR / month 30, meal tickets EUR / month 47, furniture, consumables EUR / month 10, Easter / Christmas presents EUR / year 100, travel expenses EUR / month 15 – and training courses EUR / year 100).

expenses monthly (EUR) annual (EUR) total / year (EUR)
salary 833 9,996
telephone 30 360
meal tickets 47 564
consumables 10 120
travel expenses 15 180
Easter / Christmas presents 100 100
training 100 100

maintenance costs for classic software applications: EUR 50 (including IT Department costs, servers maintenance, legislative update subscription).

WARNING! In the near future the costs may increase significantly, and the lack of specialised staff is more and more critical!

B. Payroll Department outsourced to a specialised company – MorganSol:

Costs estimate: EUR / month 600.

Monthly fee EUR / employee 6 (includes: the liability concerning the calculation of salaries in accordance with the laws in force, preparation of salary payroll in maximum 1 day as of communication of the entire necessary information and automated generation of all internal and external reports, determined by common agreement with the client company, IT maintenance costs).

WARNING! In the near future our fees may decrease significantly, due to MorganSol sales policy. This is influenced by the increase in the number of client company’s employees, the loyalty hereof and, why not, opportunities offered by your company for MorganSol to develop its clients portfolio!

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